Current Worship Series

“The Way of a Worshipper” – July 7th – August 4th
Theme: When worship becomes a daily lifestyle. What is this thing we call worship? How can we dig deeper into such a critical element of our faith, seeking the ways in which our worship can move from a weekly obligation to a daily lifestyle? This month, let’s come together to explore what God is revealing, as we prepare for an authentic encounter with the Lord. Let’s overflow with gratitude for the One who is the source of all of our blessings. For when we do these things, we will experience a power in worship that not only transforms our heart, but also brings praise in God’s holy name.
July 7th “The Presence of Worship” –  Exodus 33:12-23
Theme: God reveals God’s presence to us in worship. We long for God because we want to be in God’s presence. So while we always live in God’s omnipresence, when we worship we experience God’s revealed presence. This is what we long for when we gather to worship. How can we adjust our own presence in worship in order to better receive what the Lord reveals to us?
July 14th “The Preparation of Worship” –  Ecclesiastes 5:1-7
Theme: To be authentic in our worship takes preparation. Calling on God necessitates preparation. An athlete would not begin to exercise or train without first stretching out and preparing their body physically. One would not barge into the President’s office unannounced and unprepared, neither should we with God. So how do we call on God? What tactics do we employ in order to prepare to bring our best before the Lord? Through proper preparation, we position ourselves to be as authentic as possible in the act of worship.
July 21st “The Practice of Worship” – Psalm 100
Theme: Worship should include thanksgiving. Thankfulness is at the heart of worship. When we engage in worship, we can’t help but thank God for who God is and what God has done. Therefore, if our praise of the Lord doesn’t include thanksgiving, or our worship doesn’t overflow with gratitude, what does that say about how we view the One who is the source of our every blessing?
July 28th “The Power of Worship” (A service of scripture & music)
Theme: Worship is a celebration to be experienced and shared. This Sunday, join us as we put into practice all that we have learned throughout this series. This morning we will come seeking the presence of our Lord. We will properly prepare for how we worship. We will include true thanksgiving within our praise. As a result, we’ll encounter the power of worship in a way that transforms hearts and brings praise in God’s holy name.
August 4th Youth Sunday: “Be Here Now”
Theme: In worship, our goal is to “be here now.” Each year, the Student Ministry here at Peace is given the awesome opportunity to lead worship for our church family. On Sunday morning, August 4th, Peace Youth will share their God-given gifts and talents through music, led by Resounding Worship, and a heart-felt message from Sofia Delgado. Our hope is that Peace will embrace students, not just as the leaders of the future, but as part of a generational church, working TOGETHER to serve and glorify God. Don’t miss August 4th! Come show our youth your love, encouragement and support. This summer, Peace Youth has been up to some exciting things! Middle schoolers embarked on a mission trip in Casselberry, Florida where they got to serve three different organizations in Central Florida. Then, there were 29 people (WOW!) that went on the high school mission trip to Chattanooga, TN and served alongside two other churches from across the United States.