Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

Peace United Methodist Church reflects the light and love of Christ to all, offering compassion, community, acceptance, and hope. We promote wholeness and active service by connecting individuals and families with God and each other through worship, teaching, small groups, and needs-based ministries.


Our Core Values

Connection: We are created by God to be in community, to help one another, to learn from another, to lift one another up in times of trouble and celebrate together in times of joy.

Love: We are meant to actively love one another, to be agents of peace and hope, forgiveness and redemption, just as God’s grace (God’s amazing free gift of love) redeems us all.

Discipleship: We are meant to grow in our understanding of God’s relationship with us and desire for our lives.  This is achieved through the intentional practice of the Spiritual Disciplines, including prayer, worship, and the study of scripture.

Compassion: We are meant to pursue Social Justice, to live out Christ’s call to remember the poor, the sick, the forgotten, the suffering, the lonely and those at the margins of society.

Inclusion: We are Children of God. We are all welcome and valuable in God’s kingdom, regardless of social status, economic situation, race, gender, ethnicity, or past mistakes.

Servanthood: We are each uniquely gifted by God for service.  We each have a job to do on behalf of God’s kingdom.

Stewardship: We are called to wisely and unselfishly manage our blessings from God. We acknowledge that God owns it all, and we embrace the guiding spiritual principle that when we joyfully give in the same spirit in which God has given to us, God multiplies those gifts and uses them to change the world.