What Makes Peace Unique?

In the 20 years since the founding of Peace United Methodist Church, our story has been of a people uniquely identified in our community in some special ways:

We Are A Congregation that Values Diversity.  Reflective of our community in South Orange and North Osceola counties, Peace is representative of many cultures and races.  We take pride in the wonderful variety of heritages and experiences that this panorama of backgrounds represents.  Not only are we a rich palette of colors and accents and kinds of families from every corner of the United States and the world, but we share a variety of denominational histories (as we join together to embrace the guiding principles of Methodism).  We celebrate all ages, with a particular history of focusing on families, children and youth (including a warm welcome to families with special needs).  In short, we not only welcome everybody, we really value the perspectives of each member of our family of faith.

We Are a Creative Community.  Peace is blessed by many musicians, singers, actors, artists, writers, dancers, speakers, encouragers, teachers, givers, prayer warriors, ministry gurus, craftspeople, wizards of the new technologies, and creative spirits.  We embrace them all.  We believe in giving them the freedom to pursue the unique vision God has given them.  We are not a congregation bound by “we’ve never done it that way before.”  We welcome new ideas and bold dreams.  We believe that risk-taking is a biblical virtue, and shaking things up is a prescription for spiritual vitality.

We Believe in Making a Difference in the World.  We don’t think it’s enough to have a cozy cadre of Christians that looks out for one another while turning a blind eye to the rest of the world.  We believe we are called to open our doors as a safe haven for all and to push out into the world with enthusiasm to meet people where they live; to actively live out the virtues of Christ in our neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces; to fearlessly identify the needs of our community and engage in the serious work required to make a meaningful difference.  And we actively partner with other United Methodist congregations and other ministry partners to do work even greater than what our own congregation can achieve to address the regional and global issues of conflict, poverty, and injustice.