The Wedding Service

The wedding is a service of worship in which we celebrate God’s gift of love and affirm the covenant between a man and woman in holy marriage. Our pastor or another ordained minister will use one of the United Methodist Orders of Worship for the Service of Christian Marriage. Two services are available from which to choose. One is a traditional ceremony, the other a more contemporary service. Changes or additions to either service must be made in consultation with the pastor and must be consistent with the theology and practice of the church. Decisions you will need to make in consultation with the pastor and pianist regarding the service include:
  • The selection of congregational hymns
  • The selection of appropriate scripture and a person to read it during the ceremony
  • The selection of solos or special music
  • The use of a unity candle (these candles are not provided by the church)
  • Children are welcome to be in the wedding party but we suggest they be at least five years old

Setting the Date

All weddings require careful planning, and the more time you allow for this, the smoother it will be. We recommend that you start planning at least six months in advance. To reserve your date on the church calendar, call the Office Manager, who will check on the availability of the worship space. Dates will not be confirmed until you have met with our Pastor. Rehearsals usually are held the evening before the wedding. Church members are given priority in the selection of wedding dates. Nonmembers may not reserve the worship space more than six months in advance of their wedding.

Wedding Fees

We consider weddings to be a ministry at Peace United Methodist Church. There are, however, certain necessary charges to cover the cost of building maintenance and utilities as well as the time and skills invested in your wedding by our staff.
“Members” are defined as the bride or groom or at least one of their parents, any of whom must be a member of this church for at least six months prior to the wedding.

  • Sanctuary $400 (fee waived for members)
  • Pastor $150
  • Pre-marital Counseling (required) prices vary we suggest St. Lukes Counseling Center
  • Accompanist $100
  • Soloist $100
  • Custodian $100
  • Sound Technician $60

All fees include one rehearsal and wedding. Accompanist and soloist fees are increased by $25 for each additional rehearsal. A $100.00 deposit must be paid to reserve the church. This fee will be applied to the total fees. The balance must be paid with one check in the Church Office no later than the Monday preceding the wedding. Checks for fees should be made payable to Peace United Methodist Church. The church office hours are 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The phone number is 407-438-8947 email:


Our worship space is furnished as a place of dignity and beauty, so a minimum of decoration is required and should be carefully planned. It is the responsibility of the bride and groom to arrange with a florist for decorations. In the placing of flowers, palms or other decorations, care must be taken to ensure that the floors, carpets, walls and furnishings are not damaged. Decorations may not be hung or suspended from fixtures or furnishings. Ribbon or simple arrangements of flowers may mark reserved rows. Except for these markers, no decorations shall be attached to the furniture. It is imperative that no nails, screws, wires or tape be used in decorating. The florist or family decorator must remove all decorations immediately following the wedding. The wedding family is responsible for any damage due to decorations used. The altar table must be central to the service. Plants and flowers may not block the visibility of the altar. Flowers maybe delivered to the church two hours prior to the ceremony. Decorations must be removed within one hour following the service. Flowers may be left for the Sunday Service. Please talk with the Office Manager about their use.

The Wedding Party

It is expected that members of the wedding party will recognize the fact that this is a church and will conduct themselves at all times in a manner befitting the atmosphere of a place of worship. Immediately prior to both rehearsal and wedding, it is expected that members of the wedding party will refrain from the use of alcoholic beverages. No rehearsal or wedding will be performed if any member of the wedding party is under the influence of alcohol. No alcoholic beverages maybe served on the church premises at any time. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building at any time. Confetti and rice may not be thrown in the building or on the grounds. Bird seed is allowed in the parking lot areas only. It is the obligation of the bride and groom to make certain that these policies are made known to and followed by all members of the wedding party.


Music is a vital part of this worship service. Its purpose is to maintain and enhance a spirit of Christian worship. All instrumental and vocal music must be chosen in consultation with the pastor or pianist. Our church accompanist will provide music for your service in consultation with the soloist and pastor. The pastor has final authority regarding music selections. It will be your responsibility to contact the church accompanist as soon as possible to discuss the date, time and music selection. Arrangements for a soloist should be handled privately, although our pianist will be glad to suggest the names of qualified and experienced singers. It is the responsibility of the bride or groom to see that the soloist contacts the pianist to arrange for a rehearsal. This rehearsal should be scheduled for a time other than the wedding rehearsal.
The cost of the accompanist is listed with the wedding fees. It must be paid at the same time as other fees. The bride and groom will need to schedule a time to consult the accompanist to choose all music for the wedding. In addition to pre-service (fifteen minutes), processional and recessional music, we suggest the following places during the ceremony where music would enhance the service:
  • After the seating of the mothers.
  • A hymn maybe sung by all in attendance prior to the processional music, or a another part of the service.
  • The Lord’s Prayer maybe sung while the couple is kneeling.

If music is chosen requiring additional rehearsal or practice time, an additional fee is required. Approval for a guest accompanist must be made by the pastor.