What to Expect On Your First Visit to Peace

If you’d like to know what you can expect during your first visit to Peace, you can watch our virtual tour video or read our tips below.

Where do I park?

We have ample parking in front of the church. There are even reserved spots in the front for first time visitors! Handicapped parking is on the first row at the front and on the left hand side of the building with a convenient side entrance.

How should I dress?

We’re very casual at Peace. Our rule is: be comfortable but respectful. If you are more comfortable dressing up for church, we might suggest our traditional service at 11:00 on Sunday mornings.

Where do I enter?

The first thing you’ll enter is our open-air portico. You will see people standing and talking between services. Feel free to ask directions and help yourself to coffee!

Where do my kids go during worship?

Children are invited to join their parents in our worship services. We have a children’s message near the beginning of the service and then they are free to stay with their parents or go to our children’s worship, KidsOwn Worship. Children are asked to return at the end of the worship service to take part in communion with their parents. If you would like information on children’s Sunday School, or our nursery, please check out our Peace Kids page.

What is the worship space like?

As you enter our worship space, you will be greeted by members of our hospitality team who will welcome you and hand you a copy of the Peace Connection. You’ll notice that our worship space does not have pews! We have comfortable chairs, so sit wherever you like. If the service is full, our hospitality team will be glad to help you find a place to sit.

What is the worship experience like?

Each one of our Sunday morning worship services has its own style and personality. Check out our Worship Styles and Times page to determine the best fit for you.

Will I have to introduce myself?

At the beginning of the service, we will ask first-time visitors to raise their hands. This is just so that we can properly greet you after the service and give you a small welcome bag. If you are not comfortable raising your hand, you can approach us after the service.

Do I have to give money?

At Peace we believe that giving to support Gods ministries is a joy! We pass an offering plate during all of our services. You will receive an offering envelope and a white attendance card in the Peace Connection. You are not obligated to put money in the offering plate (though we appreciate it when you do!), but we would ask that you complete the white card so we can get some information from you (like prayer requests, questions, or ways that we can help you get connected).

Can I take communion?

The communion table at Peace is an open table (as it is at all United Methodist churches). You do not need to be a member, or a United Methodist, to take communion. You just need to be open to the working of the Holy Spirit. For more information on how we offer communion at Peace, please check out our Holy Communion page.