Adult Ministries & Small Groups

Adult Groups provide opportunities for you to meet consistently with other adults for authentic community and spiritual growth. These groups meet at various times and locations, so you can find one that works best for you!
A Morning Walk with Jesus (MEETING VIRUTALLY ON ZOOM) Leader: Ginger Selander Meet for a virtual morning stroll! The discussion will revolve around holding one another accountable in our relationship with Jesus. Each week we will discuss our journey through the following questions: 1- When did you feel closest to Jesus this week? 2- Is there a moment that you felt you were responding to God’s call to be a disciple? 3-When was your faith tested this week? 4-What is your plan for prayer, study, and action for the week to come? 5- Sharing of prayer concerns. Reach out to the leader for the ZOOM group number and password.
Chancel Choir:   Like to make a joyful noise to the Lord? The Chancel Choir performs a wide range of traditional compositions and work hard to make each piece as precise and meaningful as possible. We seek to glorify God and to inspire the faith of all who hear.  Our rehearsals are on Thursday nights – contact the church office for more information. 
Interactive Bible Study (MEETING VITURALLY ON ZOOM) Leaders Tom Acey, Larry Myers & John Bland  We are an interactive bible study group. The group is open to all ages, and we welcome new members. Reach out to the leader for the ZOOM group number and password.
Intercessory Prayer Group: (MEETING VIRTUALLY DUE TO COVID-19.) Each week, prayer requests are received from all over the world. We faithfully lift up these requests in prayer.  In addition to praying for individuals in need, we also study books on healing, prayer, and health.  To join this group, please contact the church office.  
Ladies of Peace (off campus):  (FACEBOOK GROUP) Our purpose is to connect the ladies of Peace through social gatherings designed especially for women. Join our Facebook group for more information. 
Men of Peace Disciple Group (MEETING VIRTUALLY ON ZOOM) Leader: John Bland Join John for an engaging discussion focused on discipleship within the modern era.  The group consists of those seeking to strengthen their biblical literacy, understand their role as disciples in this day and age, and what the role of mentor can mean for growing the disciples of tomorrow. 
Pastor Jim’s Pub Group (off campus):  (On SUMMER HIATUS) Led by Pastor Jim Berlau, the goal is to sit down around the table and have open, honest discussions about things that matter. Everyone is welcome and wanted.  Pull up a virtual chair and join the conversation. 
Pursuing Peace Class: (Every Sunday in the Peace Youth Room @ 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.) Leader: Ryan Murphy This virtual fellowship meeting will focus on understanding and fulfilling Peace Church’s mission statement of “learning to live like Christ by pursuing peace.”  Participants will have an opportunity to share and ask questions as it pertains to the Bible playing out in practical life. The purpose of the group is to come together in a relaxed atmosphere as the Body of Christ in the spirit of Wesleyan accountability.  It is in our dialogue that we will work out our faith inwardly so that we can express our faith outwardly as it pertains to missional opportunities within the Church, community and world. 
Praise Team:  The Praise Team is dedicated to glorifying God with our music. We believe that praise expressed through joyful song can bring new dimensions to worship. To accomplish diversity and musical excellence, we are always looking for skilled vocalists and musicians. Please contact the church office for an audition. 
Shalom Sunday School Class:  (ON HIATUS) We discuss Scriptures, share mutual experiences and learn from each others’ faith journeys.  Although the primary membership includes adults age 40 and older, adults of any age have attended and are welcome. The class is led a retired pastor who guide the participants through in-depth Bible Study (Adult Bible Studies) that explores themes and individual books of the Bible. 
Tuesday Morning Breakfast Group: (MEETING VIRTUALLY ON ZOOM) We share breakfast and open discussion.  All are welcome (men and women, young and old, conservatives and liberals, know-it-alls and know-nothings, diligent readers and night-before skimmers, those who can come every week and those who can come intermittently).  Want to live more like Jesus?  We’ll share, debate, and learn together. For info, contact Eddie Pipkin at