Current Worship Series

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(I’M)POSSIBLE – June 7th to June 28th 

Theme: Through the power of the Holy Spirit the impossible becomes possible.

From the birth of the church we have wrestled with understanding the mystery of the Holy Spirit.  We see the result of the spirits work within us, but have we become disconnected from the source of what makes this happen?   As the church we value our talents, intellect, outreach and ministries, but it’s time to recommit ourselves to the Spirit’s transformative power.  Through the gift of the Holy Spirit, we are given hope and confidence as we embrace the mystery of this presence at work within us.  Suddenly in the midst of things that seem impossible, we can claim I am possible.

June 7th (Trinity Sunday) “Amazed and Perplexed” – Acts 2:1-13 – Theme: Amazed and perplexed by God’s power.

Everyone was amazed and perplexed.  They knew it, but they couldn’t explain it.  The story of the day of Pentecost is a ‘classic,’ one that the church returns to annually as a guide for its life.  In the simplest of terms, this story recounts the arrival of the Holy Spirit, which leads to the birth of the church.  But much like the crowd that bears witness to this confusing event, we struggle to understand what has truly occurred.  We marvel at the idea of the Spirit living within us, but we labor over how to articulate the Spirit’s ambiguous nature when we encounter it.  Amazed and perplexed.  Perhaps this is right where God wants us to be as we bear witness to God’s power to do mighty and impossible things.  

June 14th – “The Promise” – Acts 2:14-21 – Theme: Finding hope in God’s fulfilled promise.

There was a promise made.  When times grew bleak, when challenges seemed insurmountable, when dreams felt all but washed away, God’s Spirit would pour out upon God’s people.  Peter reminds us of these words from the prophet Joel, spoken many years prior to this event.  Words spoken to a community that found itself lost as a nation wistfully longing for something more.  In that moment, God provides a glorious promise of purpose and hope, one that includes all people receiving the gift of God’s spiritual blessing.  At the moment of Pentecost, this promise was fulfilled as hope was restored.  We find hope restored in us as well, as we too receive God’s spiritual blessing.

June 21st – “With Certainty” – Acts 2:22-36 – Theme: Witnessing to Christ’s Lordship with certainty.

A look backward can sometimes help with the vision of how to go forward.  As Peter delivers his first sermon on the heels of Pentecost, he recognizes that this audience is well versed in Old Testament scripture.  And so Peter begins to connect the dots, appealing to his listener’s knowledge of historical figures of faith, such as David.  But Peter isn’t interested in creating a new community of faith.  His actions, his words, even his motivation are much bolder than that.  Jesus is Lord and Messiah, not David.  Will the people of God respond with faithfulness to the gift of the Spirit?  Will we?  The Spirit itself is what enables us with certainty to be a witness to Christ’s Lordship in our lives.

June 28th – “I Am Possible” – Acts 2:37-47 – Theme: Claiming the impossible is possible.

When the Holy Spirit moves, we have no choice but to respond. When we put up walls, trying to control things around us, we create mental or physical blocks that make us numb to the work of the Spirit.  Emotions need to be released, feelings expressed, and a response given to what the Spirit does within us.  Water and Spirit intertwine like two sides of the same coin.  Through baptism by water and the Spirit, we receive the gift of life.  An external response to the internal movement of the Spirit within us is expressed.  Through the power of community, we see the hope and certainty of the Spirit embodied in our ongoing lives.  The Holy Spirit unleashed.  Hope embraced.  Confidence embodied.  Within all that seems impossible, through the power of the Holy Spirit, the church begins to claim, “I am possible.”