Current Worship Series


September 8th – September 22nd – Theme: Spiritual disciplines lead to finding peace.
A tapestry is a form of art, typically woven by hand and traditionally used for decorative hangings, curtains, upholstery, and possessing complicated pictoral designs.  Tapestries do not come together with ease, but are created slowly, intentionally, and with great care. The same can be said about finding peace as a follower of Christ.  While our lives may look beautiful on the outside, we are often battling inner turmoil, strife and distraction.  Spiritual disciplines are heartfelt practices that move us beyond surface-level Christianity and into depths of life with Christ that transform our inner and outer well-being.  These disciplines of our faith provide resources to do what we could never do on our own.  Through looking inward, outward, and at our collective whole, the fabric of our faith leads us to create a beautiful and meaningful tapestry of peace.  
September 8th The Inward Fabric John 15:1-8
Theme: Listening for the Divine Whisper 
Solitude is one of the most foundational of all the Christian Disciplines.  It is within our solitude that we pray, we meditate, and we learn the value of unplugging from the noise and crowds of the world for the purpose of being with God.  As we focus inward, we listen to hear God’s voice better.  We come to the end of ourselves, unable to control the process of inner transformation, realizing through effort and surrender that inner righteousness is a gift from God to be graciously received. For it is within this “wasted time” of solitude where God’s divine whisper is most often heard.    
September 15th The Outward Fabric Mark 8:27-38
Theme: Self Denial is the way to Self Fulfillment
Submission is the pathway that leads to taking on the thoughts, emotions, behavior, and will of Christ as we surrender to his transforming presence. This is not a matter of trying to figure out what Jesus would be thinking and then, with white-knuckled determination, begin placing those thoughts in our minds.  We take on the mind of Christ by opening the deepest recesses of our being to his living presence. We don’t will ourselves to think Christ’s thoughts; we will ourselves to allow Jesus to live his life through us. This process of yielding to Christ is the personal cross that Jesus instructs us to embrace. Denial of self-rule and submitting to the rule of the indwelling Christ is the great secret of self-fulfillment.  
September 22nd The Collective Fabric Galatians 5:1, 13-25
Theme: Finding harmony through corporate guidance.
Guidance is the most radical of the disciplines because it goes to the heart of walking with God. Guidance means the glorious life of hearing God’s voice and obeying God’s word. Personal direction from God requires more than just individual listening; it must harmonize with corporate guidance and is affirmed when the Spirit leads us together. It is within the symphony of voices of Christian community that the melodious tone of God is most clearly heard, and the miraculous peace of God is found.