Current Worship Series

“Anchored” – January 5th – 19th

Theme: Following God’s Will
Often we think of anchors as things in our lives that keep us from moving forward. But instead, what if they are the very things that stabilize us, enabling us to remain focused and assured while in the midst of uncertainty? Throughout this series we will recognize that God has a calling for each one of us; that we are created with promise and possibility. So how will you embrace that calling? In what ways might you need to strengthen your resolve? Where in your life do you need to take a leap of faith? As we head into this New Year, let’s consider how God might be leading us through a season of spiritual awakening. Perhaps being anchored is exactly what we need to discover who God is calling us to be.

January 5th – Anchored in Christ
Acts 27:13-26 – Theme: God has a calling for each one of us.
With the start of a new year comes the opportunity for new possibility. Therefore, lets open our hearts and minds to the idea that God has a calling for each one of us. Despite the uncertain paths we might find ourselves on, let’s embrace the journey that God has laid out before us. Through courage and remaining anchored in Christ, we’ll discover that the possibilities are endless for where God is calling us to go, and who God is calling us to be.

January 12th – Anchored in Wholeness
Acts 27:27-38 – Theme: Take care of mind, body and soul.
Sometimes we feel like we are drifting through life, aimless with no direction. The challenges we face are endless; some might  be shallow, others might be deep. Yet in order to stay true to where God is calling us to go, we must care for ourselves. Considering the health of our mind, body and soul is essential for the journey. Anchoring ourselves in the pursuit of wholeness allows faithfulness to flourish within us, enabling us to remain strong and confident for the journey we are on.

January 19th – Anchored in Trust
Acts 27:39-44 – Theme: Take a leap of faith, even though risk is involved.
To follow God’s will requires a leap of faith. Time and again we see how God’s calling involves an element of risk. We discover that the things we thought were there to keep us safe are the very things holding us back. Sometimes it is necessary to step out without a safety net, keeping an open mind while we allow our false sense of security to fall apart around us. For it is in moments such as these where we discover who it is we are truly dependent upon. If we are anchored in our trust in God, we realize that even without our safety net, we will still reach our destination.