“KALEO” – January 10th – 31st


KALEO – Theme: Embracing the calling in our lives. What is ‘Kaleo’?  ‘Kaleo’ is a Greek word that means ‘called.’  We are called for many reasons, in different ways, and for a variety of purposes.  But what remains consistent is the fact that the God of all creation has created us with purpose.  We are called to amplify the love and grace of Christ in our lives. 1 Peter 2:21 reads, “To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example, that you should follow in his steps.”  So through our need to listen for God’s calling, allowing our compassion to lead to action, being obedient to that calling, and confessing commitment to the Lord, we embrace the sense of kaleo in our lives.  When we do this, the shape of our heart becomes renewed and the course of our lives becomes refreshed.

January 10th – “Called to Listen” – 1 Samuel 3:1-11

Theme: Listening for God’s calling. God’s leading is not limited.  God reaches out, speaking across all barriers and circumstances to inspire and to move God’s people.  The story of Eli and Samuel begins with the words, “The Lord’s word was rare at that time.”  This means God’s presence was not as vivid as it had been.  Yet, the surprising calling upon young Samuel’s life was still there.  Sure Eli had been listening for years, studying scripture, giving his life in service to the temple.  But it isn’t until one night, when the entire city is asleep, that the vivid voice of God intrudes.  Yet God’s voice doesn’t stir Eli, it awakens young Samuel.  As we begin this new year, let us awaken our desire for discernment, listening for God’s calling in new ways.

January 17th – “Called to Care” – Luke 10:30-37

Theme: Compassion calls for action. Caring is more than a feeling, it requires taking action.  If we say we have compassion for others, it should be seen in our daily lives.  If we say we care, but we don’t do anything about the things we say we care about, then do we really care at all?  When looking at the life of Jesus, whenever we are told that he was feeling compassion, it is followed up with some sort of action.  In the book of Luke, Jesus is asked, “Who is my neighbor?  What do I have to care for?”  And Jesus replies with one of the most studied and quoted parables in the entire Gospel.  What we learn is that while we are called to care, having compassion requires a lot from us. Compassion interrupts, compassion costs, but compassion also changes lives. Compassion calls for action.

January 24th – “Called to Soar” – 1 Samuel 17:12-32

Theme: Purpose calls for obedience. We hear the words, “You were created by God with a purpose,” but how often do we find ourselves lost in the never-ending repetition of ordinary times?  We might feel we have a destiny, we might be bold enough to dream big dreams, but nothing ever seems to materialize.  It can remind us of the early days of this young shepherd boy named David, who in a surprising twist of fate, is called to do something extraordinary, something far greater than he ever anticipated for himself.  And what was the secret ingredient to this exciting turn of events in his life?  Obedience.  He serves the Lord just as he was asked, with the few things he has in his possession.  In this act of obedience, God uses David for something far beyond his wildest dreams.  What would happen if we followed in David’s footsteps?

January 31st – “Called to Confess” – Mark 8:27-34

Theme: Following Christ calls for confession. “Who do you say that I am?” Jesus asks his disciples. This question is rooted in something more than just public polls or personal opinions.  In this moment, Jesus is defining for them the type of Messiah that they follow. For the disciples and for us, being a follower of Christ calls for a confession, a statement of belief in who Jesus is.  It also calls for a commitment, a decision made to live a life that reflects the same ideals and actions as Jesus.  Within this one innocuous question, Jesus ends up describing the radical and challenging reality of what life should look like for those called ‘followers of Christ.’