Current Worship Series

“ROAR” – June 16th – June 30th
Theme: God is good, through every season of life
Sometimes we feel like we are living in a jungle where dangers lurk all around us. But at the same time, we are surrounded with incredible beauty. When God created our world, God said, “It is good.” Yet how often do we forget to say those same words when we find ourselves in the midst of the jungle? We are called to remember God is good and that God’s mighty plans are still at work, no matter what season of life we find ourselves in. We can trust in the everlasting power of our Lord when we feel in danger, when change is happening and even when times ARE good. God is always faithfully beside us, never changing and pouring out God’s love and strength each and every day. Yes, God is good!
June 16th – When Life is Unfair – Exodus 1:8-14
Theme: In the midst of times that seem unfair, God is good.
The Israelites understood injustice, as they struggled to endure backbreaking labor and suppression at the hands of the Egyptians. After all, weren’t they God’s chosen people? Hadn’t God made a covenant with their ancestors? How many times do we proclaim or protest life’s injustices? When hard times come, life doesn’t seem fair. Through Moses, God reassured God’s people that they were not forgotten. The Lord’s mighty plans were still at work. Today, we are reminded of that same hopeful news: God is good, even in the midst of circumstances that don’t seem fair.
June 23rd – When Life Changes – Exodus 17:1-7
Theme: In the midst of change, God is good.
There’s no doubt about it—change is hard. When life changes, it is natural to long for the familiarity and routine of days gone by. We long for life to return to the way it was. Thankfully, God’s Word is filled with promises and examples of God’s everlasting and enduring faithfulness. God’s goodness never changes! God is faithfully beside us, pouring out the Lord’s everlasting love and strength in the midst of change.
June 30th – When Life is Good – Joshua 3:7-8,14-17
Theme: Remembering that God is good when life is good.
Like the Israelites, we all have reasons to celebrate. After all, God has poured out blessings such as health, friendships, food, safety, and loving families. Yet all too often, we forget that these good things come from God, who gives them out of goodness and love. Today let’s remember the Lord’s blessings, praising and pouring out our thanks to our good, good God.