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“THINGS GOD NEVER SAID” – September 13th – 27th

Theme: How a good God can allow suffering. If you could ask God any question, what would it be?  Many might ask, “Why is there suffering in the world?”  If God is all knowing, if God is all-powerful, then why?  Why would a loving God that cares deeply about all of creation allow for such heartache to occur?  We say things to justify the pain we experience, trying to bring meaning to our suffering.  While these sayings have been attributed to God, they are not things God ever said.  But God’s Word does address this universal question. Holding on to God’s revealed nature keeps us grounded in the midst of our struggles.  So let’s consider what scripture tells us about finding meaning within our pain, as we discover how a good God could allow suffering to happen in the first place. 

September 13th – “Everything Happens For a Reason” – Job 42:1-6

Theme: God is God and we are notBitterness and blame are often our reaction when we find ourselves suffering.  We demand answers; we want to know why such pain is allowed to occur.  We convince ourselves there must be a reason for what we are experiencing: we’re being punished for former wrong doings, there’s a lesson we need to learn, our pain is leading to something better. The book of Job helps answer the question of suffering.  Job asks, “Why is this happening to me?” and God answers in a way that puts Job’s need for a reason into perspective – God’s perspective.  When we see our pain through the eyes of God, we learn more about ourselves. We don’t get all the answers immediately, but we’re reminded that God is God and we are not.

September 20th – I Won’t Give You More Than You Can Handle – Job 23:1-12

Theme: Seeing suffering as an opportunity for growthNobody is immune to pain.  While this is not good news, it is not bad news either.  What this means is that whatever hardships we may be experiencing, we are not the first ones to go through them.  If others have made it through these challenges, so can we.  So while we convince ourselves that God hands out hardships based on our ability to endure them, it is important to remember that life is a series of problem-solving opportunities. Our suffering can either defeat us or develop us. Our problems can be the catalyst to point us in a new direction and motivate us to grow. 


September 27th – I Help Those Who Help Themselves – Genesis 3:8-15

Theme: We create goodness or pain through free willMany ask why a perfect God didn’t create a perfect world.  But God did. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth, and they were marvelous. It was paradise.  The pinnacle of God’s creation was humanity.  We were created with the ability to reason and the capacity to make choices.  Understanding our free will is key to understanding where suffering comes from.  God doesn’t sit back, waiting for us to make the right choice before choosing to rescue us from our pain. God created the potential for pain to enter the world because it was the only way God could create the potential for genuine love and goodness to enter the world as well.  The question is which one will we choose to make a reality?  Through our free will, we can choose to create goodness or pain in the world today.