Current Worship Series

“Pressure Points” –  August 11th – September 1st
Theme: Overcoming trials through trusting in Christ.
We often think of suffering as something that happens apart from God’s plan for us, yet what if it is a necessary aspect of God’s redemptive work? The pressure that we experience from various trials can serve as a way to develop us, helping us become more Christ-like. Through trust and confidence in our ever-present God, we are able to find peace within the pressure, as the Lord enables us to overcome our hardships.
August 11th – “Our Thirst for Poison” – James 1:12-27
Theme: Through Christ, we can withstand temptation.
Often, we tend to shift blame. In the midst of temptation we sometimes blame God for our struggles. Scripture shows us that the pressure of enticement can come from within our own heart. God doesn’t tempt us, God rescues from our temptation. Because of what Christ has accomplished on our behalf, we can withstand the ongoing pull toward the very things that distract and harm us.
August 18th – “The Royal Law” – James 2:1-13
Theme: Partiality is inconsistent with God’s mercy.
We are naturally drawn towards people that are either similar to us, or that we believe might do us some good. Even in Christian circles we seem to rejoice more when a celebrity becomes a Christian than when a poor widow does. When we consider the life of Christ, we find that his heart responds differently. With Jesus, partiality is inconsistent with God’s idea of mercy.
August 25th – “The Tongue is a Fire” – James 3:1-12
Theme: Our words reveal the state of our heart.
Our words are very powerful. We have the capability to do significant harm with them. We need wisdom from above to use our words wisely. Time and again the Scriptures address the tongue. In fact, James devotes an entire chapter to controlling the tongue. For how we control the tongue is a great indicator of the condition of our heart.
September 1st – “Breaking the Rules of War” – James 5:1-11
Theme: Retaliation reveals a lack of trust in the Lord.
It is natural to want justice. It is even natural to desire retaliation. Yet we know that God is going to make all things right—the Lord will bring justice. If we believe in this truth, if we trust it in our hearts, then it will shape the way we respond to injustice. When we are wronged, the Scriptures encourage us to respond with patient endurance. When we pursue our own retaliation, it reveals a lack of trust in the Lord. So how can we turn our natural desire to retaliate into a rebellion of love?