Florida Annual Conference:

A Theological Statement on Voter Participation & Suppression

As Christians, we affirm that all people are made in the image of God and are all of sacred worth. Consequently, we believe that all should be treated equally with respect to rights, mutual respect, and voice. We name and lament any effort to deny, deter, or delegitimize a person’s right to vote as sins of injustice. As United Methodists, “[w]e hold governments responsible for the protection of the rights of the people to free and fair elections…The form and the leaders of all governments should be determined by exercise of the right to vote guaranteed to all adult citizens” (The Book of Discipline. “Social Principles,” paragraph 164, p. 138). Therefore, we partner with God to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to express their voice. In our American context, this expression includes the right to vote. Read the full statement here.

Election 2020 Website Resources:

MakeAPlanToVote.com: Register to vote electronically and understand your voting options. Available in English and Spanish.

MyVoteProject.com: Search candidates and policies based on your zip code.

Find Your Supervisor of Elections: Track the status of your mail-in ballot and/or volunteer to be a poll worker.

Early Voting/Mail-In Ballot Drop-Off List