Peace Reopening Phase 2


Dear Peace family,

Due to the increase in new Covid-19 cases and the concerns around the Delta variant and its rapid spread, especially among those who are unvaccinated, our church leadership has decided that masks will be required to be worn by anyone inside of our church building, beginning this Sunday.  This will include during worship services, Sunday School classes, Youth gatherings, 45’s gatherings, rehearsals, small groups, or meetings in our facility.  We will continue the practice of sharing in the sacrament of Holy Communion, but will ask that removing your mask to partake of the elements be brief and done so socially distanced from others around you, including our hospitality team. 

We invite you to join us in pulling together as a faith community during this season of the pandemic, remaining aware that we are living in an in-between time that requires grace, understanding and prayers for each other at every level.   Let’s be sensitive to children under 12 years old who are not old enough to be vaccinated and those who are unable to be vaccinated because they are immune compromised.  Throughout this past year and a half, our church has pulled together in many inspiring ways to continue ministry and to share the love of Christ with our neighbor.  In the midst of this ongoing pandemic, may we continue to be an avenue through which others can come find peace.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Jim
July 30, 2021
Dear Peace Family,
I am excited to share with you that this week our Core Leadership Team approved moving to Phase Two of our church reopening strategy.  This will include making adjustments to our safety procedures on Sunday morning, incorporating additional worship elements into our service, and opening our church facility to small group gatherings.  It is important for us to faithfully provide ministry in this next phase of reopening while maintaining a virtual church option for those not attending in person.  So here are the components of our Phase Two strategy:

Beginning This Sunday:

  • Mask wearing will be optional for those who are fully vaccinated (two weeks after last dose of vaccine.)
  • Masks will continue to be required for those who are not fully vaccinated.
  • Reservations will no longer be required for worship, however socially distanced seating will continue to be encouraged.
  • One section of the sanctuary will be identified for those wishing to remain in a structured socially distanced setting.  To sit in this section will require a reservation made online at our website.
  • Congregational singing will resume.

Beginning June 1st:

  • Groups will be allowed to meet in the church facility.  Room reservations will be required, as well as completing all necessary documentation.  Mask wearing expectations will remain the same for any group meetings.
  • Sharing in the sacrament of Holy Communion will begin on Sunday, June 6th.
  • Sunday School for children and our nursery will be available during worship beginning on Sunday, June 6th.  Mask wearing expectations will remain the same for these classes.

Cleaning of building continues to be important:

  • An extensive cleaning process will continue to occur after the worship service and any gatherings. 
  • Hand-sanitizing areas will continue to be located throughout the building.

Safety and faithfulness are what drive our intentions within all of these critical decisions.  We encourage persons to be vaccinated but respect the fact that some are unable to do so or are choosing not to.  Therefore, the option of wearing a mask or not will require trust and an atmosphere of grace and understanding by all of us.

Phase Three of the reopening strategy has been developed, including adding an additional worship service to our Sunday schedule and the inclusion of other activities.  Due to the fluidity of this circumstance those plans could change at any time.  Our leadership will continue to make decisions based on the information we have available to us and will communicate those decisions to you as they are determined.  In the meantime, let’s continue to pray for those who have been physically, emotionally, and economically impacted by this pandemic.  We look forward to all that God has in store for us in the near future, as together we continue to Come Find Peace.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Jim
May 21, 2021